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DNA Methylation Detection Kit for Human ASTN1、DLX1、ITGA4、RXFP3、SOX17、ZNF671 Gene -- Cervical Cancer
Registration No.:GXZZ No. 20223401036
  • Introduction

    Cervical cancer is one of the common malignant tumors among females, whose incidence rate is only second to breast cancer. Its development takes long process, with an incubation period of 8-12 years from precancerous lesions into invasive cancer. With a standardized physical examination, more than 90% of cervical cancer can be noticeable in the early stage when precancerous lesions are detected. Therefore, the application of appropriate and effective diagnostic methods is of great significance for the prevention and treatment of cervical cancer.


  • The Significance of Gene Methylation Detection for Cervical Cancer Screening

    This kit is a molecular test for cervical carcinoma that is used in in vitro diagnosis. The test detects epigenetic changes characteristic for cancer cells with 6 biomarkers (ASTN1, DLX1, ITGA4, RXFP3, SOX17 and ZNF671) occurred specifically in cervical cancer or its precursors.
    This non-invasive test, performed from just one cervical smear, examines the DNA of cells for changes that indicate cervical cancer and its preliminary stages, helping to clarify whether there is already a tissue alteration that needs to be treated. 
    With its quick and reliable result, the kit can help prevent patients from this stressful period of uncertainty surrounding abnormal cervical cancer screening and follow-up results. Additionally, it can contribute to the optimization of resource distribution by avoiding excessive recourse to unnecessary diagonsis and treatment.

  • Usage

    The kit qualitatively detects the methylation status of ASTN1, DLX1, ITGA4, RXFP3, SOX17 and ZNF671 genes in cervical scrapes,and confirms cervical cancer diagnosis with certainty for people with abnormal preliminary screening results, so as to achieve triage management.
    When the test result is negative, it indicates that there is no cervical lesions or low-grade cervical lesions in patients. Unnecessary referral for colposcopy or tissue biopsy can be avoided. Instead, regular follow-up checks are recommended. If the test result is positive, it indicates that there is a high risk of cancer of the patients and further active diagnosis and/or treatments are required.


  • Product Information

    Package Size: 10 tests/kit

  • Sample Requirements

    1. Sample Type: Cervical exfoliated cells.
    2. Sample Collection: Scrape sample with a disposable cervical sampling swab, then immediately preserve it in cell preservation solution.
    3. Storage Conditions: Room temperature: no more than 4 weeks; 2~8℃: no more than 12 weeks.

  • Storage Conditions and Validity Period

    Storage Conditions: 2~8℃.
    Validity Period: 12 months.