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Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction Instrument
Registration No.:HXXB No. 20210002
  • Product Introduction

    The automatic nucleic acid extraction instrument is an instrument that automatically completes nucleic acid extraction using matching nucleic acid extraction reagents. Widely used in various fields such as clinical disease diagnosis, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, environmental microbiological testing, food safety testing, animal husbandry, and molecular biology research.


  • Applicable Scene

    Applicable to third-party inspection centers, CDC, inspection and quarantine centers, food and drug administration, research institutes, and so on.

  • Product Information

    Technical parameters:
    1. Working volume: 50-1700 μL;
    2. Processing speed: Within 15 minutes, 1 to 96 samples can be extracted at once;
    3. Pollution prevention and control: with ultraviolet sterilization function;
    4. Reminder device: It needs to be equipped with a reminder interface when the program ends.
    Model and Specification: GenAct NR-96

  • Sample Requirements

    Throat swab, serum, plasma, whole blood, enrichment solution, tissue, food, etc.

  • Product Features

    Easy to operate: Standard 7-inch touch screen, simple operation interface, only need to add the sample to be tested and click the program to complete the operation;
    Free editing: Powerful program editing function, allowing users to set their own extraction programs;
    Humanized interface: Easy to understand, no special training required;
    No need for manual calibration: The instrument will undergo automatic calibration before each startup;
    Flexible throughput: Magnetic rod transfer bead technology can quickly extract 96 samples and obtain high-quality nucleic acid products;
    Safe and reliable: Fully automatic matching with disposable consumables, reducing the contact between operators and harmful reagents;
    Stable results: Avoid differences caused by manual operation, high extraction sensitivity and good repeatability;
    Pollution control: Built-in UV disinfection module.