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Multiplex Nucleic Acid Detection Kit for 22 Meningitis Pathogens
  • Introduction

    Meningitis and encephalitis infections are caused by viral, bacterial or fungal infections, with acute onset, rapid progression, high mortality and disability rates. Early diagnosis is of great significance for treatment and prognosis. The conventional approach like cerebrospinal fluid routine check, biochemical examination, staining and culture examinations can not provide enough sensitivity and specificity in test results, which brings difficulties in early diagnosis and differentiating related diseases. This kit is based on multiplex PCR technology and can qualitatively detect and distinguish the nucleic acids of 22 meningitis pathogens that cause meningitis and encephalitis in the human body within 2.5 hours.



  • Usage

    The kit is based on multiplex PCR technology and is used for qualitative detection of 22 meningitis pathogens, including 12

    viruses, 8 bacteria and 2 fungi.

  • Product Information

    Package Size: 50 tests/kit

  • Sample Requirements

    Sample Type: cerebrospinal fluid sample;
    Refrigerated temperature (2-8℃), no more than 48 hours; If long-term storage is required, please place it below -20℃ or -70℃ to avoid repeated freezing and thawing.

  • Storage Conditions and Validity Period

    Store in the dark at -30℃~-15℃, no more than 5 times of repeated freezing and thawing; see product label for shelf life.